The Heterosexual Agenda

There is a great deal of fussing these days among conservative Christians about the homosexual agenda, and there should be. It is a disaster. But the real irony is that the homosexual agenda is not the problem. Homosexual “marriage” is not the problem. Heterosexual marriage is the problem. Or, to put it more exactly, the corruption of heterosexual marriage through rampant adultery and unbiblical divorce is the problem. 

Homosexuality is the fruit, not the root, of society’s decay. Thinking that we can reform society by opposing homosexual marriage is like thinking that we can chop down the apple tree by hacking at the apples. The only way to chop down the tree is to lay the ax at its root. And the root of this tree is heterosexual adultery and divorce. The only way we are going to stop homosexual “marriage” is by restoring biblical marriage.
Here is where it all started. Mom and dad allowed their marriage to decay. They pretended all was well and kept up the facade of happy marriage in public while defying God’s command to love and respect each other at home. This hypocrisy led to unfaithfulness in marriage. Dad flirted with the secretary, and mom winked at the boy taking out her groceries. Eventually, affairs and adulteries undermined the moral foundation of the home, and the adults stopped hiding their sin and made it official. They simply legalized no-fault divorce, and swapped partners with social sanction. They relabeled adultery and called it “moving on.” 
The kids watched the moral collapse of their parents’ world and started living out their own sexual disorders through fornication. Shacking up is much cheaper than divorce. Fornication, which is soulless, unsatisfying sex, led to bizarre sexual experimentation and perversion. Boys and girls raised in unhealthy heterosexual environments starting living out their dysfunction through homosexuality and lesbianism.

The adulterous parents found it difficult to condemn the sins of their children when they lived in such open rebellion to the law of God. So, the pressure was on to accept deviant sexuality in every form. In fact, it seems these days that the only form of sexuality that is not accepted is normal sexuality. 
We love to fuss about the societal and political acceptance of homosexuality. But that was inevitable the moment that we made adultery and divorce okay. If you get on this train, don’t be shocked when you end up at the end of the line. Adultery and unbiblical divorce will always lead to fornication, homosexuality and, eventually, pedophilia and bestiality. It is already happening. Yale University hosted Sex Week last week where lectures were given on tolerating all forms of sexual behavior including incest and sex with animals. Should we be surprised?
No, we should not. But before we ramp up the outrage, we should set our own house in order. If we want social renewal in the Western world, then we must get back to basics. We must pray for a renewal of the family, for a renewal of husbands loving their wives as Christ loves the church. This is where it all begins. Men–and I speak to men directly because we are the head, the source, of our households and thus the source of the problem–if we want to stop the encroachment of societal decay, then we must get back to building our homes, marriages and parenting on the foundation of Christ and His love for the church. The only way to defeat the homosexual agenda is to refocus on the heterosexual agenda: renewing the Christian home. 
Brothers, we can change the world. But it will be one family at a time. As everyone and his brother likes to say, Quit cursing the darkness and light a candle. And, in this case, everyone and his brother are exactly right. 

Published by Steve Pixler

Steve Pixler is lead pastor of Freedom Life Church in Mansfield, TX. Steve lives in Mansfield with his wife, Jeana, and their six children.

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  1. That’s been really heavy on my heart lately and I’ve been really wrestling with why. Awesome biblical perspective! Thank you!

  2. Word… Great post.

    And the issues of heterosexual marriage can be parsed down even further into the issues of human brokenness, our need for restoration and redemption, and places where by God’s grace, we can let what God has done for us begin to heal all the crooked places, even until the Day of Redemption when it will all be made right.

    Our problem is us. Our problem is ours. Our selfishness. Our brokenness. Our need of a Savior to save us, and then keep on saving us in all the areas of our life, all the areas of society that need redeeming, all the areas of the cosmos that need putting back to their original beauty and glory.

    We need the cross. We need Grace. From God and to each other.

    It is true, the trumpeting up of moralism on issues of gay marriage are quite missing the mark, even of the commission of the church.

  3. There is so much truth to what you are saying. I’ve seen it happen, even in my own family, not just with the children, but with the parents. When someone has gone through one abusive relationship after another, have been cheated on, disrespected, and participated in premarital relationships that don’t last do often find themselves very dissatisfied and disappointed with relationships altogether. As a result, they turn to other alternatives to try to find satisfaction such as homosexuality. After the heart ache, pain, broken relationships, dysfunction in the family, and emotional problems that come with homosexuality; many come to realize that it isn’t the answer either as they find themselves even more dissatisfied and disappointed than they ever were before. The only answer is to turn to Jesus to find satisfaction. Put your heart in his hands, and he will place it into the heart of a man/woman who deserves it.

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