Preach the Word

God created all things by His word. His word is His will and wisdom. This means that God created all things by His own creative speech, and that all reality took its form and shape from His decreed will and wisdom. This is why creation decays when man sins. All creation takes it shape and form from the word, and when life is lived in alignment with the word, beauty and glory are the result. But when life is lived in defiance of the word of God, then creation de-creates. It deconstructs.  

So God created all things by His word. The visible, physical reality of the cosmos was the expression of His word. The invisible God was made manifest by the things that were made. (Romans 1) The crowning achievement of this creation was Adam, who was placed over all creation to rule it. But through temptation, Adam sinned and death–the fragmentation and decay of the universe that exists in defiance of the word, the “un-wording” of creation–entered the world. Death is alienation from God, and the resultant loss of being. Death is un-life, un-creation, un-word. 

Then, God sent forth His word as the law and prophets. At Sinai, God tabernacled among men and gave them His law and prophets to start the process of re-creation. Redemption took mediatorial shape within history when God sent forth His Word, the oracles of God, to the world under the care taking of Israel. Of course, Israel re-enacted the sin of Adam at the Golden Calf, and mankind continued his plunge into de-creation. 

Then, God sent forth His Word as the incarnate Son of God, Jesus Christ. Jesus became the Word made flesh. The same word that spoke the universe into existence was now embodied in the man, Christ Jesus. All creation was formed with Christ at its center. Jesus and the incarnation was not an afterthought, a stop-gap measure by which God would restore His universe. No, the union of God with man in Jesus was the purpose of the universe to begin with, and somehow the fall of man and the redemption of the world is a necessary part of union with God. Created beings cannot be united with the life of the eternal God without going through the process of fall and redemption.

God created the world with Jesus as the center of it all. Jesus was the will and wisdom of God by which the Father spoke the worlds into existence. Every molecule of creation throbs with the purpose of God in Christ reconciling the world to Himself, so that through the fall, God could manifest His love in its fullness. Only the cross could fully display the love of God. And by manifesting His love, God brings men into union with Him, which was the purpose of all things to begin with. 

So, the One who was the center of creation from the beginning, the Word that was with God and was God, the foreknown will and wisdom of God, this One became flesh as the Word incarnate. God spoke His creative word into the ovum of the virgin, and the man, Christ Jesus, became the living, breathing, human expression of God Himself. The very DNA of God, His eternal word, impregnated the woman insomuch that the child she bore was the visible image of the invisible God. He was one with God existentially and ontologically. His existence was dependent upon God. He lived by the Spirit of the Father, for He “proceeded and came forth” from the Father. Jesus’ “life in Himself” was the word of God. Every atom of His body existed by the word of God. He was the biological Son of God. 

Jesus lived in the flesh as the existential and eternal will and wisdom of God. He embraced the internalized, incarnate word of God and lived it perfectly in a fallen world. He then ascended the hill at Calvary and lived out the word in perfect obedience in a world that had rebelled against its Creator. He then descended into the depths of hell and declared His authority as the Word over every realm of the cosmos, heaven, earth and hell. Then, He ascended into heaven as the living Word and was enthroned as the restoration of the Word of God around which the entire universe once again revolves. 

However, the fallen world below remained in darkness. Thus, the Word of God, Jesus Christ, received the promise of the Father, the gift of the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit was sent forth as the Spirit of the Son into the hearts of believers crying, “Abba, Father!” This indwelling Spirit comes into believers so that the world might be reordered and realigned with the Creator, who formed all things by His will and wisdom. 

But how does the Spirit come? He comes to those who hear and believe the Word. This is why the command, “Preach the Word!” has such force. It is only as we preach the Word that the creative, enscripturated and incarnated Word penetrates the hearts of men and brings faith to believe the gospel. And it is in believing the gospel that world begins to be reordered again around the Word. When the gospel is preached and believed, the Holy Spirit comes to dwell within those who receive Him. This is the glorified, effused spirit of Jesus Himself, who is the living Word. When we preach Jesus, we preach the Word. We say, “Let there be light!” and there is light. And the world is recreated around the Word, Jesus Christ. 

Then, we become Word made flesh as we live out the creative, enscripturated and incarnated Word of God. The Word speaks, and we believe it. We read, study and meditate on the scripture, and it takes root on our soul. Then, we are filled with the Spirit of Jesus, and His nature flows out of our spirit into our soul and body and out of our body into the world through our good works. In all of this the Word becomes flesh, and our cosmos is restructured around Christ at the center of it all. 

Published by Steve Pixler

Steve Pixler is lead pastor of Freedom Life Church in Mansfield, TX. Steve lives in Mansfield with his wife, Jeana, and their six children.

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