The Works of the Flesh Are Manifest

In Galatians 5, Paul tells us that “the works of the flesh are manifest.” In other words, the works of the flesh will become obvious over time. The works of the flesh are contrasted directly with the fruit of the Spirit. Just as the Spirit bears fruit, the flesh bears fruit—or, produces works. The apples […]

Saved By Works

The Bible clearly teaches that we cannot be saved by good works. And the Bible also clearly teaches we cannot be saved without good works. This is a notorious “contradiction,” but it is only an apparent one. The tension is usually resolved by speaking of works that precede salvation and works that follow salvation. In […]


N.T. Wright defines prophecy in the best, most succinct way I have ever read. He says that prophecy is “the Spirit-led interpretation of scriptural truth.” I would add only one thing: Prophecy is the Spirit-led interpretation and application of scriptural truth. And I say this because it seems to me that prophecy has a way of […]

Judging Success

We tend to judge success by many different measures. Money, fame, possessions, friends, and so on. But it is striking that Jesus judges success altogether differently. At the last judgment, He describes a life “well done” in terms of care shown to the poor. It is amazing the things that Jesus does not mention. He said […]