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New album from Jonathan Alvear

I received Jonathan Alvear’s new album yesterday in the mail. Couldn’t wait to get it out and listen to it. I had long anticipated him recording an album. I have always loved his singing in the various meetings where I … Continue reading

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What’s Love Got to Do With It?

A couple of days ago, I noticed that a friend of mine had “Liked” a picture on Instagram, which showed up in my Facebook feed. It was a snap of a text in support of gay marriage. I read the … Continue reading

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The Intersection of Heaven and Earth

Here is another ancient post: In the beginning, God created heaven and earth. And then, He created the firmament and divided heaven and earth. However, God provided that there should be moments when a sort of gateway would open between the two … Continue reading

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Seeking Things Above

NOTE: I am going back through old posts from my previous blog and re-posting a few now and then. Here is one from a few years ago that I posted while working through how we worship on earth in alignment … Continue reading

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Taking Orders or Getting Wisdom?

  A while back I had a really strange experience in prayer. I was praying fervently asking God for specific direction, appealing to Him to “tell me what to do” in a certain situation. That was not the strange experience, … Continue reading

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Get Rich Quick!

The world is full of schemes for getting rich, and most schemes carry the promise that you can do so in a hurry. “Get rich quick!” is the cry, and countless millions follow that cry like lemmings plunging over the … Continue reading

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