On this Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, I have been thinking a lot about freedom. Here are few random thoughts that floated to the surface of my mind. May turn this into a sermon series, who knows. Anyway, here you go: God created man to rule over creation, not over other men. It is not rebellion […]

Decisions, Decisions: How decisions determine destiny

Good afternoon, everyone! Here is a message I preached at Cornerstone a few weeks ago on making decisions. Wise decision-making is a topic that needs to be brought up again and again. So here it is. The notes are below if you want to peruse at your leisure for your pleasure. *Read that with a British accent if […]


Separation from the world is essential to Christian holiness. Yet true separation-holiness is defined by the the Holy One. Separation that does not flow from the Spirit of God through the Scriptures is not separation from the world at all. It is worldly separation, separation defined by religious tradition. And religious tradition is the worst […]