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The Intersection of Heaven and Earth

Here is another ancient post: In the beginning, God created heaven and earth. And then, He created the firmament and divided heaven and earth. However, God provided that there should be moments when a sort of gateway would open between the two … Continue reading

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Seeking Things Above

NOTE: I am going back through old posts from my previous blog and re-posting a few now and then. Here is one from a few years ago that I posted while working through how we worship on earth in alignment … Continue reading

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Household Evangelism: Evangelism and Feasting

NOTE: This is a lesson that I wrote for our church several years ago when teaching on household evangelism. I came across this today while looking back through old notes and thought it might be helpful again. –S.P. It is interesting to consider how eating … Continue reading

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More Random Rambling on Dominion

In 1 Corinthians 15, Paul teaches clearly that Jesus shall subdue all rule, authority and power prior to the defeat of death in the resurrection of believers. This means plainly that Jesus shall subdue the Powers prior to the Second … Continue reading

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Hidden Treasure

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The Heterosexual Agenda

There is a great deal of fussing these days among conservative Christians about the homosexual agenda, and there should be. It is a disaster. But the real irony is that the homosexual agenda is not the problem. Homosexual “marriage” is … Continue reading

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Taking Orders or Getting Wisdom?

  A while back I had a really strange experience in prayer. I was praying fervently asking God for specific direction, appealing to Him to “tell me what to do” in a certain situation. That was not the strange experience, … Continue reading

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