The Intersection of Heaven and Earth

Here is another ancient post: In the beginning, God created heaven and earth. And then, He created the firmament and divided heaven and earth. However, God provided that there should be moments when a sort of gateway would open between the two realms, and heaven and earth would intersect. This intersection occurred upon many different mountains. It […]

Household Evangelism: Evangelism and Feasting

NOTE: This is a lesson that I wrote for our church several years ago when teaching on household evangelism. I came across this today while looking back through old notes and thought it might be helpful again. –S.P. It is interesting to consider how eating together—feasting—was related to evangelism in the early church. First century believers broke bread in formal […]

NEW Book: Evangelism Jesus-Style

  NEW book from Steve Pixler! Evangelism Jesus-Style now available for pre-order at or download NOW on Amazon Kindle here . Same low price of $10 for either print copy or e-book. Free shipping for all pre-orders at Book description: This is a small book with huge ambitions. It aspires in less than seventy […]